Sewing up some project bags

Inspired by L's lovely project bag (and by inspired by I mean directly copied from) I decided to make a few of my own. You can never have enough bags to hold your knitting projects on the go!

After rifling through the fabric collection I cut a paper template; I drew a rectangle in the size of the desired finished bag & then added 3 cm for a fold at the bag opening and 1 cm seam allowance all around. I folded the fabric, placed the paper template flush with the fold and cut the fabric to size. Each bag is made from 2 pieces of fabric; the outer & lining.

Turning the right side of the fabric to the inside, I seamed the 2 edges of the fabric rectangle together to make a tube shape; I then seamed the bottom closed, as shown below;
I did the same to the lining fabric, before placing it inside the outer piece. Then I cut & pinned the top edges together to make a 3 cm fold that would allow me to use a draw-string closure;It was easier to sew this fold with the bag turned inside-out!
Once the sewing was done & everything was neatly ironed, I used a safety pin to thread through the drawstring;

And then I got a bit carried away & made a few as gifts for other knitters.

The double-layer of fabric means pointy needles are less likely to poke through the bag; the drawstring means that your knitting is less likely to slip out inside your handbag.
There are a few things I would do differently if I were to make more, and I think I will. There is something very pleasing about having my knitting projects tucked into pretty individual fabric bags; this is definitely my inner girlie-girl making an appearance!


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