The Frankenshawl

For the last number of weeks I have been struggling with The Frankenshawl. My mother celebrates a big round birthday this coming Sunday & I wanted to knit something special for the occasion. But no one pattern seemed to suit. So I decided to mix & match charts from a view different patterns.

Yarn; The Natural Dye Studio Dazzling Sock in Bluebell
Needles; 3.5 mm circular

  • I began with the set-up instructions from Laminaria, & then knit the Star chart from the same pattern, until I had increased to 196 stitches.
  • After much sketching & doodling & charting, I realised that the 3-into-3 stitch in the Laminaria shawl is the same stitch called a gathered stitch in the Miralda Shawl lower border. Starting with a WS row, I knit a modified version of the Miralda lower border chart.
  • Next I knit the Laminaria star chart again, increasing until I had 365 stitches, & then repeated the Miralda border, but with fewer garter ridges.
  • At this point I knit the Blueberry chart from Fylleryd, & then finished with the edge chart. 

I'm quite happy with the results, in spite of the troubles with excess dye in the yarn.
I adore the curves created by the nupps & yarn-overs in the Fylleryd charts & am determined to use these stitch patterns again.

I just hope The Mammy likes it!


  1. Ohhhh! Wow!!!!! I love it. It's absolutely amazing. Well done you :D

  2. Gorgeous! Very inspiring use of different patterns.

  3. It's beautiful! You did a great job! =]


  4. Your shawl turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love it. But I agree with you that I would have been raging over the amount of dye that came out & how much the colour changed.


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