You must be mistaken - Cowl pattern

After all the recent baby knits I have been itching to knit something for an adult, in chunky weight yarn & with next to no sewing up. It's a chunky textured cowl knit in mistake ribbing, & is ever so cosy. It's simple enough for even conservative wearers, though you could liven it up for more daring types with a contrasting colour in the i-cord bind off & with decorative buttons

The cowl is first knit in the round, & then knit back & forth to make a slit to one side. It's intended to be worn folded down at the top, but of course, you can wear it without the fold & tucked into more layers on cold days. The finished cowl is approx. 23.5 cm high & 23 cm across.

Yarn; 108 g / 130 metres of chunky weight yarn 
I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky (50 g / 60 m per ball, recommended tension of 15 st/ 10 cm)
The body of the cowl used 2 balls; the partial 3rd ball was for the optional i-cord edging.

Recommended Tension; 14 st/10 cm in stocking stitch.

Needles; 5.5 mm circular for the body, 5 mm circular for the i-cord edging. 
Spare DPN for picking up stitches.
(I'm a slightly loose knitter; you may need to use larger needles)

Cast on 74 stitches & join for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist. 
Mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker.

Knit in mistake ribbing in the round
 Round 1; knit all stitches
Round 2; *K1 P1* repeat for the round.
Continue knitting these 2 rounds until the piece measures about 15 cm, ending with a knit round. Increase one stitch at the end of this round.

Change to knitting flat
WS; * P1, K1* repeat until last stitch P1
RS knit all stitches
Continue knitting these two rows until you're almost out of yarn - approximately 8 cm (or until the desired length).
If you do not want to add i-cord edging bind off now.

i-cord edging
WS facing, and using the smaller needle; (knit, YO knit) into the first stitch. Slip these 3 stitches back to the left needle tip without twisting.
*K2, K2tog, slip stitches from right needle to left needle tip* along the remaining live stitches.
Pick up 16 stitches along the first edge of the side slit; continue knitting the applied i-cord onto these stitches. Pick up another 16 stitches on the second slit edge, & continue with the applied i-cord until just 3 stitches remain. K2tog, k1; slip last 2 stitches onto left needle tip; K2tog.

Weave in ends, & add decorative buttons, if desired.

I may have spoiled myself by knitting this; the yarn is ever so squooshey & cosy & lovely to handle. Watch this space for more cowls....


  1. This is great, thanks for sharing! I love cowls coz they keep the wind out of your coat :)

  2. Love the cowl. It's probably obvious to everyone else but me but how do you go from knitting in the round to knitting in the flat?

    Thanks for whatever help you can give me.


  3. Hi Priscilla; I tend to use circular needles for in-the-round knitting; to change from in-the-round to flat I turned the knitted piece (as you would for normal flat knitting) once I got to the end of the round, & started knitting with the wrong side facing. Not sure if I'm explaining it properly.

  4. Knitted cowls act like neck gators and since you can breath through knitting, you can pull over your face in really cold weather. Love this pattern.


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