Finished knit; new hat for me!

I decided to completely ignore the almost-completed baby knits in favour of knitting a hat for myself, as, up until about 3 days ago, the weather was still cold enough to warrant a hat. So a lovely skein of delicious Malabrigo Finito found it's way home with me to become my newest head-warmer.

Needles; 3 mm
modifications; I cast on extra stitches - total of 136 st to allow for the smaller tension & for my larger than average head. I used just over a skein of yarn & intend to use the remainder for mitts.

During recent walks on our local mountain trails I have found that my ears are painfully cold without a hat, but that my head is uncomfortably warm with a hat on. The relatively fine yarn & yarn-overs of the stitch pattern means this hat has just enough ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature balance. 
Though even with comfortably warm ears I still didn't pay attention to some puddles on our trail & ended with mud-splattered boots & jeans. Time to re-think the hill-walking legwear perhaps.


  1. I managed to succumb to a skein of this yarn too. So soft! Your hat is a nice pattern for it.

    1. it is lovely & scrumptious & slinky & I thoroughly recommend it, even if just for rubbing across your face to enjoy the niceness!

  2. oh I love this yarn, I have some lighter weight wool, just waiting to be knitted into a pair of socks.......


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