In defence of Lyons..

In response to this here blog post, I feel the need to share the following;

A tea mug with an owl called Tom. From Lyons. I rest my case.

In case anyone is wondering, I prefer Lyons, with a minimal drop of milk, or sometimes even black. It must be a mug, because a wee cup is just too small. The tea bag must be removed before adding the milk (otherwise, I can tell from the taste). It tastes better if you call it tae (pronounced 'tay'), and often the tea is a bit too wet to have without a yummy digestive biscuit.


  1. Gold blend or original blend?? You know it has to be gold blend, it's much much nicer! Maybe if you'd sent that to Kate she would have preferred Lyons to Barry's . lol!

    1. Sent the original blend as it's what we drink! Perhaps it's time to do some taste tests of my own...


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