At the moment, my home is a bit of a disorganised mess, and I've recently been going on about my good intentions to tidy it & clear out unwanted & unnecessary stuff.
In the midst of all that mess, I've rediscovered a couple of knitting projects that are so very nearly finished.
Small knitted things, that just need a bit of sewing.
Things.... for babies.
As though I didn't knit enough baby things last year, in evidence hereherehere & here....
Yep. That's right. While I was busy making things for babies last year, other people were off making more babies. And in the last couple of weeks those babies have been arriving!  So I really should get out the needles & the buttons & finish these off..

However, I have been distracted by other knitting, lovely other knitting involving steeks *...

 ... and cables. 

*yes, that is a sample knit for Kate Davies' new Blaithin Junior pattern. (the sooner I figure out how to insert fadas on a Mac laptop the better). I thoroughly enjoyed knitting up the pattern. I really admire Kate's designs - the thought & inspiration behind them, and the fact that I learn new techniques while knitting them. Plus, they're pretty! Also, steeking = not that scarey anymore, and learning is fun!


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