Tour de Fleece 2012

I've been busy with 'other things' over the last couple of weeks, so am barely getting to participate in this years' Tour de Fleece; so far I have only been able to put in about 20 mins a day at most. I've been working away at this Grey Massam fibre from World of Wool, spinning a fairly fine single, fairly tightly. It is slightly rough to touch  - well, rougher than merino - but drafts surprisingly smoothly considering the texture. It also smells wonderful; my old favourite 'sheepy without the poo'.

I've had a bit of a wander through the fibre stash, to try decide what to spin next. Top contenders are jacob tops (humbug & grey colours), a fabulous sparkley batt (blue) or some hand-dyed tops from LHogan (pink). Think I'll choose the fibre based on a specific finished knit object. Time to hit the ravelry-queue for inspiration!


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