Tour de Fleece; temptation

Earlier in the week, I finished spinning singles from the Grey Massam fibre I was using, and decided to move on to the next batch of yarn immediately. 
I had intended to move on to spinning the humbug jacob fibre here, in very fine singles, using the new lace bobbins I recently received for my spinning wheel. 

The centre part of the bobbin is thicker than the standard bobbin. The further your yarn is winding on from the centre of the bobbin, the less tension / pull you feel on the yarn as you spin it, so wider bobbins make it easier to spin finer yarn. I have notions of spinning the strands with a high twist, and then plying multiple strands to make a strong sock yarn.

But then I had a quick dig through the fibre stash and revealed some very very tempting pieces of fluff, in delicious colours and with delicious mixed fibres...
 Just look at all the wee fibre inclusions in this batt from LHogan!!
 I have decided, however, that unless I have a finished goal in mind for the fluff, I am not going to spin it yet. Most of my spinning to date has been rather aimless, for the joy of handling the fluff & with no idea what it will turn into. For now, I want to have a goal in mind when spinning, partly to test my resolution, and also to try & force myself to spin a consistent & larger quantity of yarn.
Today more temptation & distraction arrived in the post, in the form of a kit to make Kate Davies' BMC. I would never have put together these colours, but the finished product looks so lovely. I really should pack this out of my sight, so I can keep on with the spinning. No distractions.


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