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Tour de Fleece 2012; C'est fin!

Considering everything else that I've been up to over the last weeks, I'm quite happy with my spinning output over this years' Tour de Fleece. Since my last post I have finished spinning...

Merino/gotland batt from LHogan
84 metres of 2ply light & fluffy yarn.

Alpaca Merino batt blended by bioniclaura
111 metres of 2 ply light & fluffy yarn

Humbug Jacob from World of Wool. 204 grammes, 415 metres of 3 ply yarn intended for socks

Tour de Fleece, and a big ole garden

I have yet to spin today, but made progress yesterday; so far, I have filled 2 laceweight bobbins with fine singles. 
The reason for not spinning today? Well, it barely rained today, which was a nice change from the recent days of constant drizzle. I made the most of it & spent a good portion of the day outside in the wilderness that is my garden. We just moved in 3 weeks ago; I've never had this big a garden before, and the previous tennants let it get quite overgrown, so there is a lot of work to do.
Any attempts to cut the grass or trim back trees & bushes have been marred by brambles, so most of my energy has been spent clearing those thorny f**kers. I am now convinced that if I ever had to defend a castle*, a bramble patch would me more effective than a moat.
However it's not all hard work; I have been getting to meet some of my garden's inhabitants.  Though I've yet to capture the little robin that follows me around the back garden on camera.
*I've be…

Tour de Fleece; temptation

Earlier in the week, I finished spinning singles from the Grey Massam fibre I was using, and decided to move on to the next batch of yarn immediately.  I had intended to move on to spinning the humbug jacob fibre here, in very fine singles, using the new lace bobbins I recently received for my spinning wheel. 
The centre part of the bobbin is thicker than the standard bobbin. The further your yarn is winding on from the centre of the bobbin, the less tension / pull you feel on the yarn as you spin it, so wider bobbins make it easier to spin finer yarn. I have notions of spinning the strands with a high twist, and then plying multiple strands to make a strong sock yarn.

But then I had a quick dig through the fibre stash and revealed some very very tempting pieces of fluff, in delicious colours and with delicious mixed fibres...  Just look at all the wee fibre inclusions in this batt from LHogan!!  I have decided, however, that unless I have a finished goal in mind for the fluff, I am …

Tour de Fleece 2012

I've been busy with 'other things' over the last couple of weeks, so am barely getting to participate in this years' Tour de Fleece; so far I have only been able to put in about 20 mins a day at most. I've been working away at this Grey Massam fibre from World of Wool, spinning a fairly fine single, fairly tightly. It is slightly rough to touch  - well, rougher than merino - but drafts surprisingly smoothly considering the texture. It also smells wonderful; my old favourite 'sheepy without the poo'.

I've had a bit of a wander through the fibre stash, to try decide what to spin next. Top contenders are jacob tops (humbug & grey colours), a fabulous sparkley batt (blue) or some hand-dyed tops from LHogan (pink). Think I'll choose the fibre based on a specific finished knit object. Time to hit the ravelry-queue for inspiration!