Tour De Fleece 2015 - Falkland handspun

I've been spinning away for this year's Tour de Fleece, just a little bit most days. My first finished yarn of the tournament is a 2-ply spun from Falkland tops, which I arranged into wee imitation rolags before spinning. My aim was to get a 2-ply woollen (warm, springy & steel-worthy) yarn to use as a contrast with some Kauni Effektgarn I received in a recent stash swap with other knitters. 
My handspun is quite inconsistent, and not quite as close to the Kauni (on the right) as I would have liked. However, I'll knit it up in a swatch before deciding if this was a total failure.
I now have 100 g & about 248 metres of this yarn to play with. I've been drawn to beautiful blanket patterns by Pinneguri recently and think the Kauni yarn's colour changes would look wonderful in something along these lines... when I get around to it!


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