Tour De Fleece - hand dyed merino/soybean yarn

Today is the last day of the Tour De Fleece. I have been slowly spinning away on projects, but neglecting to share images as I went along.

This yarn is spun from a merino & soybean blend from World of Wool. I wanted to experiment with my dyepot & see how the different fibre would take up the dye in different ways. While I didn't get exactly the result I wanted, I did learn quite a bit about applying dye to fibre... like not trying to be precise by using massive puddles of dye!

Once the dyed fibre was dry, it was time to examine & assess... I may have had some help. 
As I took apart the fibre, it became obvious that I was a little too rough in handling the fibre during the dye process. Quite a bit of the fibre was just a little fulled, and a little difficult to draft. Perhaps I stirred the pot a little too vigorously, or I may have used too-cool water to rinse the warm fibre. I managed to tear the fibre into strips & spent quite a bit of time pre-drafting before spinning semi-worsted. I then chain or navajo plied the singles. 
The finished yarn is about DK to aran weight, and at 154 metres long should be easy to match up to a project.... eventually. I have no idea what this will become! It was a good learning experience though.


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